Friday, August 29, 2008

Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator- Does It Really Work?

The Answer is YES! Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator is the secret of exclusive spas and celebrities who want long, strong healthy natural nails without the headaches.

The Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator uses a concentration of vitamins, proteins, amino acids to deliver amazing results. In fact, Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator can help provide up to 1/4 in. of nail growth in just 2 weeks.

How Does Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator Work?

PROBLEM: Short, dry, weak, peeling, splitting nails
SOLUTION: QTICA Natural Nail Growth Stimulator

Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator grantees that a ¼ inch nail growth is simple! Garlic extract stimulates the receptors in the nail matrix (that's what your cuticles are there to protect!), and in response, the nail matrix makes more proteins. This new protein pushes the older protein out of the matrix, which creates keratin, which is what makes up the nail. The whole process naturally and safely convinces your nail to grow! With sulfur amino acids and hydrolyzed proteins, this clever formula strengthens the nail by bonding to it and creating an extra layer of nail to help prevent peeling. This bonding also protects the new nail that is produced by the garlic extract! Vitamins A, C & E all maintain the pH and moisture balance of the nail, keeping it flexible and preventing cracking. Apply as the base coat, and then once every two days over an existing manicure.

Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator Reviews

5.0 out of 5 starsLOVE THIS!!, by Girly Girl:

I am so glad to find this product here- it is SO hard to find. This product is truly AMAZING!!- you can actually see your nails growing in 1-2 days.

Product Rating: 5 QTICA NAIL STIMULATOR Reviewer: Sheree Thu Mar 2008


Product Rating: 5 The Best Reviewer: Lynn from Loomis, Feb 15 2008

I had my "pink and white" acrylics taken off after 17 years! My nails were like paper. I used this product and in a matter of 3 months, my nails are better than they were before the acrylics. Best product on the market.

Product Rating: 5 Qtica Nail Strengther Reviewer: Melinda from Nashville, TN

Best product I have ever found for helping to grow my nails. I no longer have split and cracked nails and this product has lengthened my nails also.

Product Rating: 5 Back together AGAIN Reviewer: D 2008

Well I purchased this product about a year ago and was amazed at how well it really did work. I grew out my nails after years of wearing acrylics and biting my nails so severly to the point of pain and blood. I was doing really good but when I was going to get married I went back and had the acrylic nails put back on and when I took them off my nails were soft and brittle. With soft finger nails I went to town and started biting my nails again so I figured that the only way to grow them back was to put the nails on again. Well I did and true enough they grew and I couldn't bite them anymore but then I got to a point where I wanted them off. So this last time I took them off and I started with the nail biting again. I found the old bottle of this product and remembered that there was a time where I was able to grow my nails out without the acrylics. I reordered a new bottle since the other one was pretty much done and just like the last works like a charm. I notice instant results and my nails felt stronger and they started to grow again. With the strenght and the growth that made me more motivated to kick the nail bitting habit. I'm glad that I ordered this product and would recommend it to others. Like it says on the box, be sure to take the polish off every now and then to avoid the build up. I also take that time to file my nails down and buffer them so it I have no temptations to bite my nails.

Product Rating: 5 LONG LONG
Reviewer: Beth Meadows from Harrisburg, PA Wed Feb 07 2007

I have nails that always split or peel. I have been using this product now 5 months and I have to cut my nails because they grow so long.

Product Rating: 5 One Week...
Reviewer: Zea from Texas Feb 03 2008

Ok, I've used this for only one week but I do have to say that at least it stays on my nails. All the other lengtheners, hardeners etc. peeled off within the first 3 days. My fingers are crossed that this will work for me :)
I would definitely give it a try... for me, it beats the heck out of mavala.

So far my nails are intact, stronger and I've already had to file them to shape them. After only one week this is a great sign that the product is a definite keeper.

Product Rating: 5 Amazing beyond words
Reviewer: Diane from Chicago

This is the first review I have ever written! I had acrylics for 10 years because I had week peeling thin awful nails. Because I got a very bad infection from the nail salon, I had to remove them. I tried just about everything on the market. I finally found Qtica, and I am not kidding when I tell you I have long strong beautiful nails, never ever in my life. I am so happy!

Product Rating: 5 THE fix
Reviewer: Lynn from Washington, DC

This is the first time I have ever written a product review, but I do feel compelled. It's by far the best nail product for "healing" damaged or weak nails. I've always had to wear artificial (gel) nails because my nails would never grow - and or would peel as soon as they had any length at all. Using Qtica completely changed that problem - very quickly. This product really made a HUGE difference. I can not recommend it more.

Product Rating: 4 qtica

Reviewer: alexis from denver co Tue Mar 2008

wokrs better than anything else to keep my nails strong and growing healthy.

Product Rating: 5 Another great Qtica product
Reviewer: JeanJ August 2008

I use it at night and, even though I keep my nails short, they look healthy & are very strong. I can't remember the last time that I had one break or tear.

Product Rating: 5 Natural Healthy Nails in Days!!
Reviewer: Keyla from VA Wed Sep 2007

I was so please with the results of this product in just two days. My nails immediately stop splitting and started growning. I have tried every nail growth product on the market and this one is really works. It's worth every penny!